Raon Digital prepping SSD-based Everun Note UMPCs

We're glad to see that Raon Digital isn't just ditching its Everun Note entirely after having to recall the thing, and better still, we're stoked to hear that it'll soon be doling out speedier iterations with built-in SSDs. UMPC Portal has it that two new Everun Notes will be landing shortly, both of which will boast SSDs within. The first newcomer (S16S) will come loaded with Ubuntu Mobile, a 1.2GHz Sempron CPU and a 12GB MLC SSD; the higher-end sibling (D24S) will offer up Windows XP, a dual-core Turion processor and 24GB worth of delicious solid state storage. Look for both to land by mid-November for $659 / $950, respectively.

[Via Pocketables]