Charter CTO talks up 2009 plans: HD expansion, DOCSIS 3.0, etc.

Charter's CTO, Marwan Fawaz, recently sat down with MultiChannel to talk business, particularly business plans for 2009. Some of the highlights included his confession that DOCSIS 3.0 would only be piloted in a select few markets next year, his admission that the carrier wouldn't reach its goal of 40 HD channels across its entire footprint, and his completely unrelated blabbering when asked about tru2way. More specifically, Fawaz noted that it was "adding a significant amount of HD channels," but rather than just tossing in linear networks, it's adding on-demand. Not everything was less-than-stellar news, however, as he did state that it was just about ready to tee up switched digital video in a number of regions (albeit a tad late), Los Angeles included. We'd say you could hit the read link for a look at the full interview, but unless you're looking for reasons to feel depressed, we'd actually advise against it.

[Thanks, Josh]