Elmo Live! on sale tomorrow for $59.99 (if you're lucky)

After the whole Tickle Me Elmo craze a few years back, you just knew Fisher-Price was going to ride this wave until it simply couldn't stay afloat any longer. Elmo Live!, hailed as the "most innovative and engaging Elmo toy ever," will officially hit store shelves tomorrow (October 14th) for $59.99, though we suspect the first batch will be snapped up in no time flat. Of course, those of you intent on retaining your sanity probably pre-ordered a few months back, but for everyone else, your battle to get one of this year's hottest holiday gifts starts in under 24 hours. For those wondering what's so special about this fellow, he supposedly tells jokes and makes movements that "give kids the feeling that Elmo is alive in their own homes." Whether that's really a good thing, however, is totally up to you.