Microsoft hints at possible "Oahu" consumer Surface device

Microsoft's already set to launch the Surface SDK this month, and it looks like it might possibly be looking to take it one big step further, at least if a recent market research survey is any indication. In it, Microsoft asks for participants' thoughts on a possible "Oahu" computing device with an "innovative multi-touch screen." That, the survey says, could be configured in several different "forms," including a table for meals, a countertop, or even an old school-style games table. As you might expect, there's not much in the way of exact technical details to be found, but the hypothetical device would apparently be large enough for four people to use at the same time, and it would supposedly be able to connect to various portable devices "when you put them on the screen." No indication of a possible release date, of course, but the survey did ask participants how likely they would be to purchase the device if it cost $1,499.