mophie's iPhone 3G Juice Pack ships today, not a moment too soon

C'mon, what iPhone 3G user who actually takes full advantage of that 3G radio hasn't been disappointed with battery life at one point or another? And be honest, you're also disappointed with the downright naff battery extenders floating around out there. Granted, mophie's iPhone 3G Juice Pack isn't the most elegant thing in the entire world, but the "sled" design sure beats adding an unwanted appendage onto your handset. The device -- which is shipping today to those who pre-ordered early -- will reportedly provide up to 350 additional hours of standby, up to 6 hours of 3G talk time (or 12 hours on 2G), another 6 hours of web surfing and a 458% boost in overall happiness. Hell, you'd pay $99.95 just for the latter, now wouldn't you?