Nokia's N85 reviewed, called better than N96

We were always curious why a device that (at least on paper) was superior in a lot of ways to Nokia's N96 wasn't trumpeted as the outfit's flagship device, but nevertheless, an Italian reviewer has made us feel a touch better about our previously ludicrous thoughts. After spending a solid fortnight with the phone, the critic felt comfortable deeming the N85 a "very, very beautiful" handset, also noting that it was "definitely the best Symbian [device]" out there. He even went out of his way to recommend the N85 over the N96 so long as you're cool without DVB-H or a super-snazzy camera. As if you really needed more, he also found the OLED display to be spectacular, the audio quality very satisfactory and the GPS / multimedia functions to be top-notch. Wait, is that the N96 we hear crying? There's no crying in Espoo!

[Via All About Symbian]