NTT says one of these days these boots are gonna charge your gadgets

Phone battery constantly dying as you wander from place to place, moving in and out of reception and leaving it straining to find a signal? You aren't alone, and if you're not the sort to wear a conductive dress (in public, at least) you may want to keep an eye out for some new kicks in the works from NTT. Their soles are filled with water, displaced as the wearer walks and forced through a tiny turbine. Current prototypes generate 1.2 watts of electricity, enough to power your iPod as you strut, but by the time these things hit production in 2010 the hope is to more than double that to 3 watts so that you can charge up your mobile, too. Sounds fantastic, but we're a little unsure about running wires down our pants to get that juice where we need it.