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Liquavista launches ColorBright display technology sans coolness

When Liquavista announced its electrowetting segment-driven display technology way back when, we thought it sounded like just about the best thing ever. We definitely wanted PMP, cellphone, and watch displays with rapid response time, exceptional contrast, and a high volume of color. Fast forward two years: word is this stuff is finally ready to hit the market and designers can now order custom-made equipment for their devices. There's an animation on Liquavista's website that promises some radically hip stuff, and we're looking forward to that, but so far we feel a bit let down by these images of mostly-static watches whose main claim to fame is colors. Get crackin', designers: we want to see those sunlight-viewable video displays and hip-hoppin' PMP visualizers in the non-cartoon world ASAP.

[Via core77]

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