Apple and Psystar to settle things with alternative dispute resolution, not tridents and hatchets

As much as we were hoping to see Steve Jobs and... well, anyone from Psystar settle things in the squared circle, we suppose we'll have to live with a much more peaceful end to this madness. Rather than spending wads of cash on lawyers for no good reason, the two outfits have agreed to use alternative dispute resolution in order to wrap this scuffle up and move forward. As you may know, ADR is a private process where both parties meet outside of a trial in order to reach some sort of agreement, though we imagine the outcome will be pretty public depending on Psystar's ability / inability to continue fulfilling orders. We're told that the process will get going before February of 2009, and the full fling (PDF) with the US district court in the Northern District of California is linked below if you've suddenly found yourself with entirely too much free time.

[Via The Mac Observer]