Boxee delivers Hulu to Apple TV

For Apple TV owners who don't shy away from tinkering, we've got some excellent news. As of today, video viewers can now catch content from within Boxee (and by extension, on their Apple TVs). No need to wipe the sleep from your eyes -- Hulu accessibility has arrived on Apple's set-top-box, as the embeddable player has been ported over to Boxee. Additionally, Boxee has added to its list of viewable internet video sources; head on down to Boxee's website for more, and jump past the break for the full release.

At boxee, one of our main goals is to bring all your entertainment into one place. Today we take a big step in that direction, announcing that users can now watch and share TV shows and movies from within boxee (and on their AppleTVs).

Users now have free access to Hulu's entire catalogue of great high-quality shows like The Office, The Daily Show (a company favorite), Heroes, and more, along with hundreds of movies whenever they want. Whether on AppleTV, Mac or Linux, boxee offers more flexibility and access to online content than any other media center. People can also more easily share Hulu videos now with friends through boxee's social feed and recommendation feature.

In addition to Hulu we've also added to our Internet video sources. The embeddable flash player for both sites was adapted by boxee's team to run in our interface. We've also done a lot of work to optimize the way content from each site is displayed to enable people to find what they're looking for quickly and easily. While both sites know of the announcement, boxee does not have specific partnerships with either site.

We're officially announcing this during our presentation this Monday at CEA i-Stage in Las Vegas, an exclusive event for cutting edge consumer technology companies.