Google strips meat, gristle off Android Market's bones, leaves just 13 apps

Prior to the G1's stealth launch, Google's on-device Android Market was a busy place, teeming with some 50-plus apps seemingly ready to win the hearts and minds of early adopters anxious to outfit their G1s with... oh, you know, simple pleasures like a video player or the ability to change the UI's font size. We guess that wasn't part of Mountain View's strategy, though, with all but 13 applications having been removed today -- presumably a knee-jerk response to the knowledge that phones were starting to make their way into paying customers' hands. Truth be told, this was probably the plan all along; the Market had gotten a little dirty from both developer and Google testing, and we're figuring they were just looking to tidy things up a bit to make it presentable on launch day before it got nasty dirty with a flood of developers outside the confines of Google's own Android Developer Challenge. Either that, or there's some deep, dark conspiracy lurking involving the unceremonious removal of any content that upsets Schmidt, Brin, or Page.

Update: We're hearing this is all due to an update to the Market -- older apps that haven't been updated to meet the Market's specs aren't available at the moment. Thanks, everyone!