Iridium introduces smallish 9555 satellite phone, shows people holding it

It's just as tough to believe that Iridium is still around and kicking today as it was last February, but regardless of our assumptions, it's not stopping the aforesaid company from doling out an all new satellite phone that's somewhat smaller than most of its competitors. Aside from enabling argonauts to make and receive calls from some of the most remote locales in world (Attu, Alaska, anyone?), the 9555 includes a retractable antenna, illuminated, weather-resistant keypad, SMS support, programmable international codes for automatic dialing, a speakerphone, mini-USB port, up to 4-hours of talk time (30-hours in standby) and a currently undisclosed price tag. Look for this one from Iridium service partners beginning next month, and if you so choose, you can have a look at these very intense professionals enjoying one below.

[Via MobileTechNews]