Jean-Michel Jarre designed iPod speakers hit France

There's certainly no shortage of eye-catching iPod docks / speaker systems to choose from, but this new so-called AeroSystem is the only one to get Jean-Michel Jarre's stamp of approval, and that's enough to get at least a few folks to take notice (though we'll personally stick with our Joy Division Zune). In addition to being a conversation starter, the speaker unit also look to be capable enough audio-wise, with it packing two 20W RMS speakers and a 45W RMS subwoofer into its retro-inspired enclosure, plus a USB port and a 3.5mm jack to complement the requisite iPod dock connector. As far as these things go, it's also not too ridiculously expensive, with it running €450 (or close to $580), though you'll likely spend a bit more than that if you hope to get one of these out of France.

[Via Gadget Lab]