Super Talent offers up 0.85- / 1-inch SSDs

Nothing here that you haven't seen before in one form or another, but the more the merrier, we say. Super Talent has introduced its very own super small SSDs ranging from 2GB to 8GB in size, but they're all based on Intel's Z-P140 solid-state drive. The new units all boast a maximum read speed of 40MB/sec and a maximum write speed of 30MB/sec, and the whole crew employs a parallel ATA interface with a ZIF connector. The 0.85-inch drives are being offered up in 2GB (FHD2GN85) and 4GB (FHD4GN85) sizes, while the 1.0-inch devices come in 2GB (FHD2GN10), 4GB (FHD4GN10) and 8GB (FHD8GN10) flavors. Per usual, we're left to wonder on pricing and availability, but we suspect these will be aimed more at netbook manufacturers than everyday folks, anyway.

[Via I4U News]