Wind River, Kyocera team to develop embedded Android systems

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|10.22.08

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Embedded OS vendor Wind River Systems is no stranger to Android -- it's been in the Open Hardware Alliance from the start and we've seen prototype 'droid hardware from the company in the past -- but it looks like it's taking it's first official steps into Google's great wide yonder in partnership with Kyocera to develop a commercial Android reference platform. The two companies are targeting handset manufacturers with their first effort, but it's not totally crazy to expect a wide range of devices will eventually be based on this or similar designs -- we're hearing hints that Android will start showing up in other consumer devices in the next year, and it's certainly a tempting open-source alternative to Windows CE for devices like GPS navigators. That would be a pretty massive shift for the industry -- hopefully we'll see the fruits of this partnership soon.
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