Canon's EOS 5D Mark II displays multiple LP-E6 battery capacities

You may think you know everything there is to know about Canon's marvelous EOS 5D Mark II, but have you heard of this tidbit? Hailed as the first DSLR to "manage" multiple batteries, this here camera includes technology to read up to six separate LP-E6 batteries and display data about them right on the rear LCD. The LP-E6 cell includes an embedded microchip with a unique 8-character serial number; after it's installed once and "registered" in your EOS 5D Mark II body, the camera then displays each cell's serial number, the last time it was charged, the number of shots taken since the last charge, its remaining capacity in 1% increments and its recharge performance. It's a small inclusion, sure, but for pros who go 18+ hours on a single set, we can imagine this coming in handy when trying to select which battery to use on the next excursion.

[Thanks, Peter]