Westinghouse teams with photographer Anne Geddes for new digiframes

As Westinghouse realizes that the digital photo frame market is about as over-saturated as possible right now, not to mention just how boring the whole notion has become, it has resorted to pulling in a "world renowned" name in photography in order to help push its forthcoming line. But it doesn't end with just a namedrop -- oh no, Westy's latest release has completely and entirely failed to divulge any information whatsoever on the specifications of any of its impending frames. No screen sizes, no resolutions, no capacities, nothing. Just paragraph after paragraph of how awesome it will be to have some of Anne Geddes' photographs mixed in with your own lame attempts at capturing life's most precious moments when you buy one of these elusive units this winter (at undisclosed price points, no less). Nice going, Westinghouse.