Dell goes industrial with new OptiPlex desktops

Dell didn't exactly have a high design bar to hurdle in order to top its existing OptiPlex desktops, but it's done a pretty admirable job with its new OptiPlex 960 model, which is available in the usual mini tower, slimline desktop (pictured above), and small form factor versions. Those each sport base configurations that include a 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB of RAM, and an 80GB hard drive, and they'll run you $902, $892, and $912 for the tower, slim desktop and small form factor PC, respectively -- or considerably more if you opt for some of the higher end options like a Core 2 Quad processor or a discrete graphics card. For less demanding folks, Dell has also rolled out the $399 OptiPlex FX160 thin client PC, and updated versions of its OptiPlex 760 and OptiPlex 360 desktops, which now pack a 2.0GHz Celeron processor in their base configurations to help keep prices down to $630 and $478. Head on past the break for a glimpse at the complete line-up.

[Via Electronista]