Sonos Controller for iPhone and Software 2.7 bring, internet radio and 'the future' to your existing setup

We've been griping about the limitations of the existing wireless Sonos controller for just about as long as Sonos has been pumping them out -- not that it's a horrible chunk of hardware, just that we love to gripe, and the lack of good text input is extremely limiting in these modern times of limitless content to surf through. Well, the problem's been solved, at least for iPhone and iPod touch users, and in typical Sonos fashion the solution's free. Starting today Sonos will be offering a free Sonos Controller app on Apple's App Store, which can handle just about every function the existing controller can, with the additional convenience of a touch interface and an on-screen keyboard. Multi-room control, Napster and Rhapsody, your own music library -- it's all here, thanks to the magic of WiFi. Sonos even saw it fit to pack a general software update (Sonos Software 2.7) which includes fifteen thousand internet radio stations and integration. The primary limitation to iPhone control is the fact that you're relying on your home's WiFi instead of that schmancy mesh network Sonos products employ, but that's a small price to pay for usability. Check out our highly enthralling hands-on shots below, and then peep the read link for more info and video, which should be live by the time you read this. The app should go live sometime today.