Walmart spruces up its MP3 offering with select 74 cent tracks, cross platform compatibility

Cue that "rollin' back prices" theme and break out the bouncy smiley faces, Walmart is trimming prices on its DRM-free MP3 music store. Many tracks will still be offered at the original 94 cent pricepoint, but certain "Top 25" songs will go for a mere 74 cents -- a quantity of money which is officially insufficient to buy anything in the meatspace anymore. In perhaps even more exciting news, Walmart is finally making things easier on the folks averse to or incapable of running Internet Explorer: the store finally works with Firefox, Safari and IE running on Mac, Linux or Windows. As for content, Walmart now boasts more than 3 million MP3s and exclusive Walmart Soundcheck content, which predictably boasts of performances from Beyonce, Nickelback and David Cook. "Light On," Walmart, "Light On."