AT&T, Lenovo and Ericsson team up for cheaper 3G laptops

Lenovo first announced a 3G add-on from AT&T and Ericsson for some of its laptops a few months ago, but it's now out there tooting its mobile broadband horn once again, and saying that the three companies are now making the option even cheaper and more widely available. According to Lenovo, the built-in 3G option is now available in all three of its SL series ThinkPads, as well as every single model in its T and X series and, what's more, it's also now $150 cheaper than before, or about the same price as an equivalent non-3G-equipped laptop. Of course, you will have to sign up for AT&T's DataConnect service, but the carrier is at least throwing in 30 days of free service to help ease you in.