Insignia's $250 Profile 2.0 NS-2BRDVD Blu-ray player emerges at Best Buy

Ah, ha! So that's why the Insignia NS-BRDVD recently stooped below $200. Out of absolutely nowhere comes the successor to the previously mentioned unit, the Profile 2.0 NS-2BRDVD. According to Blu-ray, the newest unit actually does have an Ethernet jack, although you wouldn't know it simply by looking at the specifications on Best Buy's website. At any rate, the new deck checks in a few inches smaller and a few pounds lighter than the old, while still supporting 1080p playback and boasting optical / coaxial audio outputs, a single HDMI socket and a bundled remote. Unfortunately, the NS-2BRDVD trashes the Media Card slot and Energy Star qualification that the previous model possessed, so not everything is actually a step up. Those too impatient to see what Black Friday will bring can expect delivery in one to two weeks (unless you drive to a store) if you plunk down $249.99 right now.

[Via Blu-ray, thanks Anthony]