Moto CEO casually name drops Windows Mobile 6.5 in conference call

We've all been waiting patiently for Windows Mobile 7 to drop since the crust of the Earth was still cooling, and at this point, Windows 7 proper could theoretically beat it out of the gate. What's a perpetually delayed platform to do, then? Come up with another stop-gap measure, of course. Windows Mobile 6.1 was designed to plug some short-term holes in 6, and it's looking now like there could be a 6.5 waiting in the wings to plug a few more. Nothing has really been revealed about the mysterious, heretofore-unknown version, but Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha mentioned it in passing during the company's earnings call today while discussing the fact that 6.1 really hasn't been able to keep pace with Apple in the "user experience" department. Would it be totally naive of us to hope for a little Xbox Live Anywhere in there?

[Via CoolSmartPhone]