MSI Wind 9-cell spotted in the wild

Remember those delectable photos of the supposedly official 9-cell MSI Wind batteries we saw a few weeks ago? The ones we were told to expect in November? Well, only two days in and November's apparently brought some of us something besides that rain we're always hearing about: at least a few lucky Brits seem to have scored an MSI-sanctioned 9-cell for £70 (about $115) on the UK's eBay. Photos of the battery submitted to the MSI Wind Forum show it to be totally gargantuan, but the juice times customers are reporting -- 7.34 hours by one account -- are impressive if accurate. We'll give them this: it's definitely handsomer than the DIY version.

Update: As some commenters have pointed out, it looks like this battery is manufactured by Medion, who also happen to produce a clone of the Wind.

[Via Wired]