Optoma Pico Projector gets pictured, specced and priced

We've been hearing about Optoma's Pico Projector for what feels like ages now, but at long last we've some concrete data on the minuscule beamer. Boasting Texas Instruments' DLP technology, the 2- x 4.1- x 0.7-inch device weighs in at just 4.2-ounces and features a native resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, 9 (yes, nine) lumens of brightness and a minimum projection distance of eight inches (with a maximum of 8.5-feet). We're also told that it can be recharged via an AC adapter or USB, but the 20,000-hour bulb is not replaceable. David Pogue was able to spend a little time with the unit, and overall, he was emphatically stoked. He stated that visuals were more than satisfactory when shot up on an airline seat back, and the general crispness of the picture was smashing, too. Contrary to previous reports, we've now learned that this critter will be shipping in a fortnight (or two weeks, for those who take issue with such a term) for $430, which means this can now skyrocket to the top of your holiday wish list.