Meizu's M8 ready to rock the US and Europe on an iPhone tribute tour?

Feel those little hairs standing up on the back your neck? That's guarded anticipation son, the kind that comes from a Chinesed iPhone landing Stateside with the impact of a giant set of balls. According to yet another launch-related post in the Meizu forums, Jack Wong has accelerated plans to kick his M8 cellphone into India and China (WiFi-less to meet local restrictions) by November 30th. Then "maybe" he'll launch in the US, Hong Kong, and Europe by December 24th. Oh sure. Our take? There's no way in hell that this highest of high-profile clones lands Stateside or on Western European soil without being met by a friendly Apple lawyer holding a court-issued ban on all M8 imports. No matter how much we're dying to play with it.

[Via Electronista]