iPhone robot is ambulatory, still wants physical keyboard

Robots are awesome, we can all probably agree on that. Robots made from iPhones are basically an extension of that awesomeness, crossed with an element of unimaginable, ludicrous fun, which is why we're pleasantly surprised to see that such a device finally exists. Using a jailbroken iPhone 3G running some Ruby code, an Arduino CPU, a TA7291P motor, and 4 AA batteries, the creator is able to pilot the bot via WiFi from a nearby computer, all the while recording its view for later playback. The results look pretty cool, and trust us, you're definitely going to want to check out the video after the break. As far as we can tell, by the way, the lyrics to the song in the video are "iPhone with keyboard," which seemingly refers to this, um... iPhone with keyboard we saw earlier today -- apparently from the hands of the same craftsman, who seems like a very busy guy. Especially if he wrote the song!

[Via iPhone World]