T-Mobile's Cameo reviewed: works pretty much as advertised

Don't deny it -- you're inexplicably drawn to a digital photo frame that has its own phone number. Rather than just buying blind to see if you really dig the Cameo, however, why not pore over this here review? In testing, the device (manufactured by Parrot) was said to work practically as advertised, with just a few small quirks preventing it from receiving the highest marks. Critics were able to MMS over images from a variety of rival networks, though they did have issues making the frame accept a photo message from Sweden. Overall, however, it was noted that usability was remarkably high and that the process was easy enough for most anyone to grasp. 'Course, you should probably convince yourself you're going to use the thing quite a bit before committing to a $10 per month fee to keep the $100 frame connected, but outside of that, you ought not be too disappointed.