Best Buy's holiday gift cards now double as speakers, still a lazy present

Not to be outdone by Target's camera gift card gimmickry -- or perhaps to be exactly outdone -- Best Buy is offering gift cards this year with built-in speakers and a 3.5mm hookup. This is ostensibly to rock some tinny tunes while pondering how best to spend a $50 card on a $4,000 home theater system -- there's an alternative, highly discouraged usage after the break. What's absolutely clear here is the incredible margins these retailers enjoy on gift card purchases, and while we'd love to stick it to the man and buy real presents for our loved ones, we're probably looking at another mad dash on [respective holiday] Eve to gather up an assortment of cards to be accompanied by misattributed scribbles and perhaps a bow. We can't wait!

[Thanks, Oscar]

2008 Best Buy Holiday Gift Card with BUILT-IN SPEAKER By Best Buy
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