Cisco teams up with Yankees to bring HDTV experience to the new stadium

The new Yankee Stadium is going to be all tech-ed up by Cisco, according to an announcement made by Hal Steinbrenner on an impressive telepresence conference call this morning. The partnership has already yielded about $15 million of wiring and infrastructure for the stadium, with more promised. So what does this mean for you, the rabid Yankees fan, at the game? Well, they're calling it a new "fan experience," but for now, it essentially boils down to 1,100 HD video monitors all over the stadium doing things like playing "interactive" video, giving stats in real time, and offering the ability to do truly wild stuff like order concessions from your seat and see how long the line at the nearest bathroom is. If it sounds too good to be true well, it's not -- kind of. Most of these features will supposedly be available when the stadium opens, though only in the luxury boxes... but Steinbrenner claims that infrastructure is already in place which will allow the stadium to provide these extras for everyone in the house eventually. We also hear there's going to be WiFi throughout the stadium, and that one 16 ounce Budweiser will run you $24.50. As long as we can count on them to use those thousand monitors to get people to do the wave while listening to "Cotton-Eyed Joe," we're there.

[Via The LoHud Yankees Blog; Thanks Joe P.]