Lenovo's IdeaPad U330 reviewed: nice for the price

After launching this summer, we're heard way more about netbooks than Lenovo's shiny IdeaPad U330. For those who've refused to forget about it, the aforesaid rig has been reviewed by the kind souls over at Laptop Mag, and impressions were fairly positive overall. The biggest boon here is likely the price -- we mean, $1,199 for a 13-inch lappie of this stature isn't half bad. As with most of the other IdeaPads, the design was applauded, the mix of features and performance was satisfactory and the size (4.4-pounds) was just right. Critics did slam the mushy touch buttons and the below-average battery life, but even so, the U330 was deemed a "a compelling thin-and-light notebook that offered plenty of style and strong performance" for the price.