Philips iPill -- it's like a regular pill, but with a microprocessor

It's been just about a year since we saw the patent for Philips' remote control "pill," and it looks like the thing is finally a reality. For those of you straining to remember that far back, the iPill (as it is now sadly known) is a miniature capsule that among its many charms contains a microprocessor, power supply, medicine reservoir and pump, and a radio so that it can remain in contact with external medical equipment. The pill's ability to accurately determine its position in the digestive tract enables it to deliver drugs precisely where they're needed, reducing dosage strength and side effects. According to Philips, the current design is a prototype, but it's suitable for serial manufacturing. Of course, this is not the first robot pill we've seen -- and it certainly won't be the last. Just the same, we think we'll refrain from swallowing any nanotech for the time being.