Rolling Stone names the 50 best rock & roll games

The game industry's head-banging love affair with rock and/or roll stretches back as far as we can remember -- sometime around the late '70s. Now Rolling Stone has strummed its keyboard to capture what it calls the Top 50 Rock & Roll Video Games of All Time, laying accolades at the leather boots of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, while giving the likes of Revolution X and Crüe Ball the chance to scream into the mic one last time as if to shout, "Remember me!!?"

Lumping together the good (Loom, Frequency) with the awful (Spice World, really?) and just plain odd (are Simon's 'bleeps' and 'boops' really considered music?), the laundry list is something of a mixed bag. Though admittedly we're still reeling from the fact that whoever put together the feature managed to overlook Audiosurf and Gitaroo Man, but managed to give props to Sensible Software's canceled flamebait, Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll.