Field Emission Technologies' purchase of Pioneer plasma plant comes up short

If you are feeling the pinch of the current economic climate in your HD-related purchases, you're not alone -- Field Emission Technologies, the Sony spin-off that has been talking up field emission displays (FEDs) for some time now, has run into some money problems of its own. The company was supposed to purchase the plasma manufacturing plant Pioneer abandoned when it exited the plasma manufacturing biz earlier this year, but has now pulled out of the deal because it could not raise the necessary funding. Worse yet, Pioneer is now left scrambling to try and find work for the 180 workers who were supposed to convery with the plant. Looks like the FED medical and broadcast markets may have to wait longer still for those first models, but based on the history of this technology and its close cousin SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) cousin, that's nothing new.