"Fifty-One" e-cigarette will ensure you have no friends even after you quit smoking

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|11.12.08

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"Fifty-One" e-cigarette will ensure you have no friends even after you quit smoking
We've seen e-cigarettes before, and no one was really surprised to hear that inhaling liquid nicotine might not be the safest way to kick the habit. Fifty-One, a new, more cigarette-looking e-cig, claims it's better than previous products because you change the mouthpiece with every use so you're not inhaling old leftover nicotine again and again... plus they've added a fake smoke effect when you exhale, which makes you look and feel cool. Sound safer? Nope, probably not. There are a host of other things just completely wrong with this product: it comes in five flavors (tobacco, menthol, chocolate, vanilla and coffee) and seems to be marketed to only the shadiest sectors of society -- gangsters, card sharks, thieves, private dicks, AKA our kind of people. The starter kit also apparently includes a membership card in addition to all the regular stuff -- batteries, USB charger, poker chips -- and it'll run you a not-so-affordable $149.95, but you can probably score that at tonight's shakedown, right?
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