iGo intros everywhereMAX, wallMAX multi-device chargers

It looks like those in need of a replacement power adapter for their laptop, or those simply looking to streamline their device charging now have a couple of new options to consider from iGo, which has just introduced its everywhereMAX and wallMAX multi-device chargers. Each of those come equipped with iGo's dualpower accessory which, much like Lenovo's similar offering, will let you charge a cellphone, MP3 player, digital camera or other device while your laptop charges, and the everywhereMAX takes things one step further with additional adapters that'll let you plug into an auto outlet or airline seat. From the looks of it, you'll get eight different power tips for some of the most ever-present laptops with each charger, with additional tips available on the company's website. Those will run you ten bucks apiece, while the everywhereMAX and wallMAX adapters themselves will set you back $140 and $100, respectively.