The Google Switch: the story behind one of the greatest fakes of all time

It's not the quality of the Photoshop that made the Google Switch one of the great product fakes of all time. In fact, it was questionable enough that we asked the tipster for more detail and a second picture before publishing, and only then did we do so with skepticism. Still, once it was out, it gained so much traction in the Google-crazed Kingdom of Nerd that its image quickly became synonymous with the Googlephone -- the sweaty-palmed rumor circulating back in late 2006. When it became clear that the HTC Dream was to become the Googlephone, many editors and readers alike were left wondering about the Google Switch. After all, the rumor had never been properly debunked. Turns out that the Switch was the idea of three ordinary Dutch students -- Egbert Veenstra, Sytse-Jan Kooistra and Sam Baas -- who had already rendered the finger-touch phone-concept in late 2006. Miffed upon seeing the iPhone unveiled with many of the ideas they felt were theirs, the trio decided to generate some buzz for their concept and hooked it to the rumor du jour: the googlephone. That's when they contacted us. In retrospect, it's amazing how much they got right... or perhaps, how well Google and HTC listened. Hit the read link for their full story.

[Via the Next web]