Alienware gets in the Core i7 game with Area-51 X-58 desktop

Now that Intel's mighty Core i7 is all out in the open, it's no shock to see a wave of gaming rigs come along boasting said chip. Following in the footsteps of Dell and Gateway comes Alienware with the Area-51 X-58 -- a beast that's a leap above (in terms of power and price) the recently revealed Area-51 750i. Serious gamers can select from the Core i7 920 (2.66GHz), 940 (2.93GHz) or Core i7 Extreme (3.2GHz) along with dual gigabit Ethernet jacks, one or two 2GB ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2s, up to 2TB of HDD space, an optional dual-layer Blu-ray burner and the usual complement of ports. The sky's the limit once you really start speccing it out, but the ball gets rolling at "just" $1,649.

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Update: Alienware also introduced the even more robust ALX X-58, which starts at $3,699. Full release after the break.


· Alienware Area-51® X-58 – Starting at $1,649
· Alienware Area-51® ALX X-58 – Starting at $3,699
· Dell XPS 730x – Starting at $1,999
Miami – Nov. 17, 2008 – Dell Gaming brings unprecedented speed and performance with the launch of the Intel® Core™ i7, offering users the world's most powerful processors on three all-new extreme gaming desktops; the Alienware Area-51® X-58, Alienware Area-51 ALX X-58 and the Dell XPS 730x. By incorporating Intel's breakthrough new microarchitecture into these three dynamic systems, Dell Gaming delivers a revolutionary leap in in-game performance. The Intel Core i7 processor generates a greater number of instructions per clock cycle, enhancing the systems' simultaneous processing capabilities. This translates into improved physics, greater environmental interactivity, more intelligent AI and an overall boost in the immersive, real-to-life experience hardcore gamers demand.

The News
· Available today at and, the Alienware Area-51 X-58 and ALX X-58 feature up to 12GB of triple channel DDR3 memory, while the XPS 730x offers up to 6GB. All three systems utilize the all-new Intel QuickPath Architecture to speed up communication between the processor and components throughout the systems. This delivers faster load times between game levels without sacrificing background applications such as game utility packages, surfing the Net or downloading movies and music. With a performance increase of over 20 percent compared to the previous generation platform, Intel Core i7 processors help these rigs crank out maximum benchmarks at peak game settings.
· In addition to this aggressive performance, the Area-51 X-58, Area-51 ALX X-58 and XPS 730x feature Dell Gaming exclusives such as:
o Alienware AlienFX® customizable lighting controls: Allows gamers to customize the system looks with software-controlled multi-zone lighting. Includes event-driven activities, like changing automatically when programs are launched or email is received.
o Alienware Command Center: Advanced user controls in a centralized, user- friendly access port for exclusive applications such as AlienFX® lighting, AlienFusion power management, and AlienSense facial recognition security features. (Alienware Only)
o XPS internal theater lighting for "under the hood" activities: a series of battery powered LEDs automatically light the interior when the side panel is removed. (XPS Only)
o Dell Gaming's bold, signature case designs, giving gamers maximum customization and an intense, immersive user experience.
· Gaming enthusiasts will be able configure Dell gaming systems to meet their unique specification with options like:
o Air-cooled or AlienIce™ or H2C high-performance cooled CPUs and chipsets
o Video card solutions from both ATI and NVIDIA, and all systems are ATI CrossfireX™ and NVIDIA SLI-ready.
o Multiple single and dual hard drive options, with support for RAID 1, 0, and 1+0 (up to 2TB on XPS, 4TB on Alienware).
o Choice of 750, 1000, 1200-watt power supply (Alienware only)
With Intel Core i7 processors, you get the advantage of:
· Intel 45nm Technology – delivers higher speeds, enhanced efficiency and improved thermal management
· Intel QuickPath Architecture – utilizes an on-board memory controller to move beyond the capabilities of the FSB and enjoy the full benefits of multi-core and microarchitecture-based CPUs
· Intel Hyper-Threading – enables Windows to deliver eight-threaded performance capability on four cores
· 64-Bit OS Ready – processes double the information of 32-bit-based systems, increasing responsiveness and maximizing your hardware's potential
· Intel Turbo Mode – shifts the processor into a higher gear for mind-blowing performance without a heat penalty
The Quotes
"By incorporating the revolutionary capabilities of Intel Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme Edition processors into the Alienware and XPS lines of gaming systems, Dell Gaming continues to lead the industry in delivering performance levels and in-game benchmarks that shatter all previously perceived limitations," says Arthur Lewis, head of Dell gaming group.

"Intel Core i7 processors represent the next stage in the evolution of desktop performance," says Doug Parker, Intel's Director of Marketing for America's Sales and Marketing Group. "By combining this dramatic technology with the expert engineering of Alienware and XPS systems, Intel and Dell are redefining gamers' expectations for power and efficiency."
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