Meggy Jr RGB handheld: only as fun as your programming skills allow

If you're the type who looks at the Pandora and scoffs at the simplicity, you'll find oodles to adore in the Meggy Jr RGB. Deemed the "little sister" of the Peggy LED display kit, this gaming handheld from Evil Mad Science is only as fun as you make it; in other words, it provides all the incentive you need to sharpen those programming skills in order to craft engrossing pixel-based titles. The portable unit packs a fully addressable 8 x 8 RGB LED matrix display, a lo-fi audio transducer and plenty of buttons for controlling the action. The unit comes pre-loaded with a single game (isn't that sweet?), but from there, it's up to you to put those soldering / coding skills to good use. Claim yours now for $65 to $95 -- just be ready to deal with loads of frustration on your way to homegrown handheld nirvana.

[Via Engadget German]