RealNetworks thinks December is the perfect time for a tiki-themed game

The leaves have turned, the days have gotten shorter, and the wind is starting to sting just a bit -- it's TIKI TIME! At least, according to RealNetworks, who has announced a new WiiWare puzzler called Tiki Towers for release next month.

Sort of like a tropical World of Goo, Towers charges players with defeating the tribes antagonizing your island. You fight, obviously, by directing monkeys to build towers out of bamboo and other tropical-style materials. Your monkeys can counter evil spells with their own spells, which require BananaMana generated from monkey chants.

Tiki Towers is scheduled for a December 8 release. In a bold move, RealNetworks has planned a simultaneous release on WiiWare, iPhone, and other mobile platforms. Which means that it would really sting if Nintendo randomly changed the release date.