Samsung trots out new Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones

Samsung Mobile's got a fever, and the only cure is more... Bluetooth? Yeah, that's it, Bluetooth. Aside from launching the hilariously named Planet Bluetooth -- an "online guide to Bluetooth technology and Samsung Mobile's Bluetooth accessories" -- the outfit has also rolled out two new BT headsets and a pair of BT speakerphones. The WEP460 headset (pictured) specializes in being ultra-small and utilizing a clear ear hook to make you look even more extraterrestrial; the SBH700 stereo headset obviously caters to music lovers and those with slightly deeper pockets. The HKT450 and HKT400 portable BT speakerphones both do exactly what they say, with neither being particularly noteworthy. The bitter details are fleshed out in the read link below, and so far as we can tell, the whole crew is available now.