Lips mic incompatible with Rock Band / Guitar Hero (at launch, anyway)

Anytime we hear the words "incompatible" and "music game" mixed into the same sentence, we typically can't resist the onset of a bitter beer face. That being true, we can't say we're too terribly bummed about this one, particularly since we highly doubt Microsoft's Lips will have the same following as Rock Band and / or Guitar Hero: World Tour. At any rate, you should probably know that the accelerometer-packin' Lips microphone will not work with RB nor GH at launch, though creator Keiichi Yano of Inis did confess that compatibility was theoretically possible with future patches. 'Course, we doubt anyone will spend time on said patches unless Lips moves like a billion copies this winter, but we suppose anything is possible with a snap of the fingers and a pinch of pixie dust.

[Via Joystiq]