Konica Minolta prepping thumbdrive-sized projector

It was inevitable, really. With outfits like Dell and 3M taking projectors to a whole 'nother (tiny) level, it was just a matter of time before someone else came along and made those pico projectors look gigantic. Enter Konica Minolta, who is reportedly developing a projector that's just 1.6- x 0.79- x 0.3-inches, or slightly smaller than your average flash drive. The unit will supposedly use lasers, mirrors and black magic instead of light bulbs and lenses, and it'll still be capable of beaming out a 20-inch XGA color image from a distance of just under two feet. Sadly, this keychain-bound PJ won't be ready for pickup at your nearest grocery store checkout aisle until at least 2010, but you should probably start preparing yourself for its awesomeness right now. [Warning: Read link requires subscription]

[Via ComputerWorld]