Nokia planning touch-less, gesture-controlled devices?

Usually when we're talking about Nokia and patents, a mention of Qualcomm can't be far behind. This time however, we're looking at something entirely less boring, fascinating even: ultra-sound sensors that detect hand gestures in the air in front of the device. Now the stretch. Nokia's chief designer, Alastair Curtis, was asked at a recent cocktail party why Nokia's N-series of multimedia devices have yet to see a multi-touch interface, Curtis replied, "We've not launched what we think is right for N-series in a touch product. You'll see in the coming months, years... what we feel is right." Curtis then elaborated, "Much as I'm talking to you now with gestures." Hmm. Ok Alastair, if such devices are in the chute, as long as they don't resemble the Palm V-series... we're cool.

[Thanks, Pdexter]

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