YouTube "hack" reveals HD / surround sound testing

It's a feature we've been clamoring for as long as we can remember -- high-def on YouTube -- and it's about to happen. Thanks to a few curious YouTube browsers, a simple URL hack revealed that the online video site already has the ability to host and play back 720p clips, and better still, some users are reporting that surround sound is also in the works. Wired is claiming that YouTube has confirmed that this discovery is part of the site's efforts to test out different video formats, and with rivals like Viddyou already up to 1080p, it's about flippin' time. We can't say for sure when YouTube HD will roll out in official form, but you should definitely hit the read link and check the embedded vids; the top one is 720p, the bottom is the standard pixel-fest. We dare you to not be amazed at the difference.

[Via NewTeeVee]