Acer's 16-inch Aspire 6930 reviewed: right on the money

In the battle between new 16-inch multimedia notebooks, it's safe to say that Laptop Mag prefers Acer's rig over Samsung's R610. The Aspire 6930 (or 6930G-6723, if we're talking specifics), was said to have an eye-catching design, great Blu-ray playback and solid all-around performance suitable for a media-minded lappie. Not to mention the sub-$1,000 sticker -- that helped, too. In actuality, the only real knock was the fact that a 1080p display wasn't included at the $999 price point, but we all know that's just being greedy. These critics didn't hesitate to dish out a 4 out of 5 star rating for Acer's latest 16-incher, calling it "a winner" for anyone looking for a "relatively lightweight desktop replacement that's not too expensive."