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Amazon Kindle 2 no longer rumored for this holiday season, according to rumor

So we heard from Amazon back in August not to expect that rumored Kindle 2 anytime this year... but then there were those leaked photos of the new device, so people kind of went back to expecting it again, but, apparently we should stop doing that now (again). According to unnamed sources talking to TechCrunch, the Kindle 2, will arrive in a vaguely termed "early next quarter." The source says the device has been 'delayed' by Bezos himself, that the leaked photos we saw a while back are the real thing, and that a student version of the reader, which will ironically have a larger screen and be better than the standard one, will hit in the first half of 2009 as planned (rumored). Hard-copy of Wuthering Heights, your execution has been stayed another few months.