RED making "Big Change" announcement on December 3rd

Oh noes, here we go again. At the risk of becoming RED's marketing pawn, we'd be remiss to the gadget community by ignoring Jim Jannard's latest attention begging tease. Titled simply, "Big Change...," Jannard writes, "New announcement on Dec. 3rd. Everything has changed... just as we promised." This comes after revealing "several nice breakthroughs" related to Scarlet and EPIC in the REDUSER forums. JJ then amps up the hype by calling the November 13th announcement of RED's Digital Still and Motion Camera (DSMC) system "insignificant" by comparison. Ok Jim, we'll be at your beck and call. But you'd better show up on the 3rd with something priced more competitively to Canon's EOS 5D Mark II if you expect us to consider your modular SLR / HD video camera anything other than a novelty for the consumer or prosumer markets. In other words: please, with sugar?

[Thanks, Ben H.]