Yo Asteroid! Super Stardust Portable out Dec. 4

If there's one classic concept that video games have taught us, it's that things from outer space are coming to kill you. In the case of Super Stardust Portable, said things are mainly calamitous asteroids, intent on colliding with your puny spaceship and the planet below. The downloadable PSP title, a handheld rendition of the popular rock-blasting shooter on PlayStation 3, will become available on the PlayStation Store next Thursday, December 4th, for $9.99.

Those used to the chaotic action of Super Stardust have a new "Impact" mode (bombs and boosts only!) to look forward to in this version, as well as a new final boss. Not that we thought you'd be bored without them -- the PSP version promises to hurl over 1,000 objects at the field at any given time. As programming lead Kimmo Lahtinen points out, "That's a lot of things to shoot."