Meizu M8 gets demoed in multi-part video form

We've already seen it unboxed and, of course, endlessly shown off by Meizu's own J. Wong, but it looks like some independent demos of the now infamous Meizu M8 are finally starting to crop up online, with one of the first coming from Chinese retailer While some of the details are lost in translation, there's still quite a bit to be gleaned from the ten videos available at the link below, not the least of which is the fact that the touchscreen seems to be somewhat of an exercise in patience, to put things kindly -- check out part 8 for the challenge that is pausing a track. The phone's camera also seems to be a bit sluggish, but not completely out of line with your run of the mil cellphone camera. Touchscreen aside, however, the phone's interface does appear to be fairly slick and, yes, oddly familiar. Head on past the break to get started with part one of the blow-out, and hit up the read link to check out the rest.